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This on-line digital photography class is for beginners to intermediate level photographers that want to learn how to use their camera and improve their photography.  The course includes a collection of about 45 lessons spread over nine weeks that you can do at your own pace.  The lessons include videos, worksheets, assignments, and forum posts.  There is not time limit for completing the course and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Why is this course better then buying a book?  It's better because I will be your coach. 
As you go through the lessons you can post images and questions to a forum and get answers to all of your questions and some image critiques.


Once you join the course you will join a Facebook group which has all of the lessons files for you to follow and a place for you to post images and questions.  Click here to see the full Course outline.


Complete Course:  Reg: $199.99  Now more than 50% off at $99




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More Than A Snapshot E-Book

This is an 88 page e-book covering all the basics of digital photography.  Including camera functions, exposure, white balance, composition etc...


The E-Book will be e-mailed to you after payment.  $9.99



White Balance Business Cards

This is a business card sized grey card for doing custom white balancing with your digital camera.  These cards are small mobile and inexpensive and yet will produce excellent white balance for your images.


10 White Balance Business Cards.  $9.99








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