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More Than A Snapshot provides online photography education.

Current Members

This message is for current members of my Learn to Create More Than A Snapshot photography class.  I am restructuring the class to include 1 monthly image critique session and 1 monthly Q&A session for premium members of the course.  The premium membership will cost $15 per month but since you are already in the course the fee for the extra coaching will be $5 per month.

If you purchased the course more than a year ago you will still have access to the course and to the Facebook group but I will no longer be able to critique your images.  

If you purchased it from 11/14/2015 to 11/13/2015 you will continue to be able to submit images for critique until your one year anniversary.

If you would like to continue to receive the full benefits and the newly added benefits of the class please click the subscribe button.  New Members $15 per month. Current members please click the Subscribe button and you will only pay $5 per month.

Premium Coaching Benefits:

  • Guided instruction
  • Mastermind Facebook group
  • 1 image critique video per month
  • 1 live Q&A hangout per month