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More Than A Snapshot provides online photography education.

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This is the blog for More Than A Snapshot's Online Photography Classes.  In these blog posts I will give photography tips, tutorials, and show images.

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A New Plugin by Skylum: Luminar Flex

Gary Detonnancourt

Use this link to purchase and download Luminar Flex.

and use coupon code "SNAPSHOT" to get $10 off.

Click on the image above if you would like to get in on this 4 course deal. It includes a class on basic photography, Lightroom, composition, and Luminar 3. Don’t miss out on the best deal of the year.

Click on the image above if you would like to get in on this 4 course deal. It includes a class on basic photography, Lightroom, composition, and Luminar 3. Don’t miss out on the best deal of the year.

A First Look at Topaz Sharpen AI

Gary Detonnancourt

Download a free trial here.

The images below are the processed images by Topaz Sharpen AI. The first image of each set is the full size and the second is the 100% crop of the image. I found the results to be good. In the fourth image the sharpening messed up a spot in her hair when I looked at it in Sharpen AI but I don’t see the problem in this jpg. This could have just been a rendering problem in the software but this could also easily be fixed if you use some masking in Photoshop.

Using Luminar 3 as a Lightroom Plugin

Gary Detonnancourt

Check out this four-course bundle which includes:

  • Luminar 3

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom

  • F**k the Rules, Your Composition Your Way

  • Learn to Create More than a Snapshot Photography Course

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If you don’t currently own Luminar you can purchase it now during their black Friday deal by clicking here. Since your purchasing it now you will get the upgrade to Luminar 3 free when it’s released on December 18th. The software has been release and they have extended the sale. They are also offering many bonuses with this sale that you can check out on their sales page.

If you decide to buy it use the coupon code “SNAPSHOT” to get $10 off.

Topaz Studio Vs Luminar Quick Edits

Gary Detonnancourt

In this video, I thought it would be interesting to compare the results from a quick edit in Topaz Studio vs Luminar 2018.

Topaz Black Friday Special

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3 Ways to Set a White and Black Point in Lightroom CC

Gary Detonnancourt

Removing Distractions with the Perfect Eraser or a Clone Brush

Gary Detonnancourt

Original Image with distractions such as ropes, a car and porta johns.

I had recently made a video about how to remove distractions from an image using On1's Perfect Eraser tool.  However, the image I worked on had a simple blue sky background and it wasn't very challenging for the software to clone out some branches.  A youtube view asked to see a video of it cloning in a more challenging spot.  Click here to see the first video and look below to see the new video.  

Removing Distractions with the Perfect Eraser Tool:  Part II

As you can see from the video the Perfect Eraser tool works well, but it is a little slow.  It takes quite a bit of time to process each cloned area and I think you could do as well if not better with the clone tool or the patch tool in Photoshop.  Here is the image I ended up with after using the Perfect Eraser tool.  It did ok in some areas but there are many places that need to be cleaned up.

Results from just using the Perfect Eraser tool.

Next, I tried to clean up the image with a technique I saw from Aaron Nace by using a bokeh brush that he created to clone over objects that really didn't have enough pixels around it to use the clone tool.  I think the trick to using it well is using a low flow rate of around 8-10%.  I'm sure I didn't do as well as Aaron but I think it came out pretty well.

Using a Clone Brush to Remove Distractions:  Part III 

Final Result

Please post comments below to let me know what you thought of this post and how you think the final image came out.  Also please use the sharing tools on this page to share this post on your favorite social media sites.

Thank You,

Gary Detonnancourt

August Contest Theme and July Contest Results

Gary Detonnancourt


Every Month you may post 2 of your best images for our photo contest. To enter, please upload the images in the comment section below by clicking on the Landscape icon or you can use an image host like Flickr by pasting the embed link in the comment bar.  Please post each image in a separate comment for voting purposes.  A prize will be awarded to the first place image.

I will post a new subject on last Thursday of the month.  The previous month's contest will end on the last Thursday of the month at 5 pm EST.  I or a guest judge will select the winners.








The winner needs to email with your choice of the four courses listed above. Then I will respond with your coupon code.

Congratulations to Matt DiMaio for Fresh Fish Deliverd to the Misses.


Please post your entries in the comment section below.  Try to use an image that is at least 1024x768.

Content Aware Crop in Photoshop 2015.5

Gary Detonnancourt

Content Aware Crop in Photoshop 2015.5