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More Than A Snapshot provides online photography education.

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This is the blog for More Than A Snapshot's Online Photography Classes.  In these blog posts I will give photography tips, tutorials, and show images.

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A First Look at Slylum's Luminar 3: Now with a Library Panel

Gary Detonnancourt

Skylum will not be releasing the new version Luminar 3 until December 18th and my course will not be finished for awhile after this release date. Therefore, I have decided to create a pre-sale bundle where you can purchase the Luminar 3 course now before it’s even been created at a deeply discounted price. This will help with the development of the course and since I want you to get plenty of value from my courses, I’ve decided to add three of my most popular courses to this bundle as a special pre-sale bonus. This four-course bundle will include:

  • Luminar 3

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom

  • F**k the Rules, Your Composition Your Way

  • Learn to Create More than a Snapshot Photography Course

The pre-sale Black Friday price is $50 and you can click here to purchase this bundle.

If you don’t currently own Luminar you can purchase it now during their black Friday deal by clicking here. Since your purchasing it now you will get the upgrade to Luminar 3 free when it’s released on December 18th. They are also offering many bonuses with this sale that you can check out on their sales page.

If you decide to buy it use the coupon code “SNAPSHOT” to get $10 off.

First Impressions of the Rokinon 24 mm F/1.4

Gary Detonnancourt

I bought the Rokinon 24 mm F/1.4 specifically for night photography.  The fast F/1.4 lens allows you to shoot astrophotography at lower ISO's and to get less noise in your images.  This lens is known for its sharpness and it doesn't have much coma.  Coma is the distortion of the stars at the edges of images.  The other option I was considering was the Sigma 20 mm F/1.4 but that lens in known for having issues with coma and the Rokinon is much cheaper.  

I haven't had time to take it out for any night photography yet, however, I did some landscape images at sunrise.  In this case, all of the images were shot at f/22 and this is a manual focus lens.

I had to return the first lens for problems with the focus ring.  It was frozen when I first opened the box and then it was very sloppy.  The second copy seems to be very good.  I've had friends that have had to return the lens many times till they received a good copy so don't give up on the lens if you don't get a good one right away.

I'm pleased with the results.  The lens was easy to focus and the images are sharp.  The color and contrast are nice and Lightroom even has the lens corrections for the Rokinon Lenses.  I can't wait to go out and try it on some stars.

What's New with the Fuji X-Pro2

Gary Detonnancourt

Fuji has just released a beta of the new Fuji X-Pro2 to replace the X-Pro1 APS-C camera.  Fuji has made some important updates to the sensor taking it from 16 MP to 24 MP with their new quad-core X-Trans CMOS sensor.  They have improved the auto-focus system and added 273 autofocus points and a nice joystick for changing focus points like you would see on a Canon DSLR.  They have also improved the back screen and the viewfinder, which people are now saying refreshes fast enough not to have any lag, which is a nice improvement.  They have also added Acros black and white film simulations which will produce really nice B&W images for jpg shooters.

Why would you buy this camera?  Fuji's are known for great image quality, color rendition, and they have some great lenses.  It's also very compact and retro styled.  If you like the old rangefinder look or if you prefer to use dials and buttons over menus, this camera might be right for you.

Even though this camera shoots a respectable 1080p/60 fps video, this is a still shooters camera, there are better options on the market for video shooters.

Here are the basics specifications:

Fujifilm X-Pro2 features

  • 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor (APS-C)
  • 273 Autofocus points (169 of which PDAF)
  • 2.36M-dot OLED/Optical hybrid viewfinder with pop-up picture-in-picture tab
  • ISO 200-12800, expandable to 100-51200 with Raw shooting at all settings
  • 1/8000 sec maximum shutter speed and 1/250 sec flash sync
  • Acros black and white film simulation
  • Grain Effect option for JPEGs
  • 1080/60p movies
  • $1699.95