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More Than A Snapshot provides online photography education.

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This is the blog for More Than A Snapshot's Online Photography Classes.  In these blog posts I will give photography tips, tutorials, and show images.

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How to Find and Save Photo Locations that Don't Suck

Gary Detonnancourt

How to Find and Save Photo Locations that Don't Suck

You may not even need to use google maps because The Photographers Ephemeris uses Google Maps and has most of the same features.  Plus TPE has a way to save locations and it has a way to share locations on

Find Photography Hotspots in Any State

Gary Detonnancourt

If you are looking for a great resource to find a place to photograph, check out this site, it has resources for all 50 states.  I'm from Rhode Island so you can click here to see an example.  The site is cool because it shows you a map of the area and categories of photography.  When you click on Sunset, for example, it shows you the best places to take sunset images.  The site also shows images from that location which can help you determine if you want to visit this spot and it may even help you plan out the type of shot you want to make.  The one downside to this site is, you should go away from the crowd and try to find your own interesting places so your images are different from everyone else.  Just be careful not to copy other people's images.  You can even add your favorite photography hotspots to the list to share with everyone.