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More Than A Snapshot provides online photography education.

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This is the blog for More Than A Snapshot's Online Photography Classes.  In these blog posts I will give photography tips, tutorials, and show images.

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How to adjust a Histogram in Lightroom

Gary Detonnancourt

How to adjust a Histogram in Lightroom:

New Lightroom CC.2 / 6.2 Update... Does it Suck?

Gary Detonnancourt

Changes that are available in both 6 and CC include:

  • a redesigned streamlined import process, intended to make importing more straightforward for newer users
  • improved blending and alignment of panorama and HDR merges
  • support for new cameras
  • tether support for the Leica M Monochrome
  • new lens profiles
  • bug fixes

In addition, for CC subscribers only, De-haze is now available as a local adjustment, in the adjustment brush, graduated filter, and radial filter tools.

What was Adobe thinking?  The new import process looks more modern and is designed to be easier for non-pros but looses some of it's features.  Additionally, it causes a performance hit because it's always looking for new image folders to import.  Luckily this can be turned off in the preferences, by un-checking "add photos".  There are even rumors that it's causing Macs to crash.  This may turn out to be a good update in the end, but I would wait for now until they figure out all the bugs.  You can see the full update information here.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom CC
29.99 97.00

This course will help you to understand how to use Lightroom for all of your image editing needs. I cover everything from organizing your images to printing to slideshows. Every module is covered. This course is also frequently updated with the latest information and techniques. The course covers Lightroom versions 4, 5, and 6/CC.

This course is almost 100% video lessons with some supporting notes and references. The course has more than 46 lessons and I'm constantly adding new lessons. You will have access to me through Udemy's discussion tab for answering all of your questions and checking out your progress with your image editing.

You should take this course if you are new to using Lightroom or if you are experienced and just need to learn more details about how the program works. This course does start at the beginning but then goes to an advanced level.

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Search Collections in Lightroom 6 or CC

Gary Detonnancourt

One of the new and minor updates to Adobe Lightroom 6 or CC, is the ability to filter or search through your collections.  If you have a ton of collections this could be a really useful feature.

This video will show you how to use the filtering options and actually search through your collections and smart collections in Lightroom 6 or CC.